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Accademia del Piacere

Accademia del Piacere is the reference group of the new generation -as young as shocking- of Spanish early music, devoted to the study and performance of the ancient music. Focused from its origin on Renaissance and Baroque repertoire, it offers today a wide range of programs: from the lush and pompous French music of the Sun King's court, to the Italian virtuoso music of the early XVIIth Century, or the religious and secular music of the Spanish and Andalusian Renaissance and Baroque.

Accademia del Piacere combines musicological research and the rescue of never played music with the great technical ability of both its singers and instrumentalists, mostly Andalusians. These elements make the group get a powerful and distinctive identity, always pointed out by critics and audiences.

Accademia del Piacere was founded in 2004. His organicum varies from the trio to the small chamber orchestra. Accademia del Piacere is presented as one of the young Andalusian groups with more presence on the international scene of early music. Its members, who combine the strength of youth and the wisdom of experience, have performed at festivals and theatres worldwide. Accademia del Piacere has performed at prestigious events such as the National Auditorium of Spain, Luxembourg Grand Theater, Festival of Ravello (Italy), FEMAS (Sevilla), Festival Las Piedras Cantan, Radovlijka Festival (Slovenia), Early Music Festival of Peñíscola, Early Music Festival Aracena, Cantatas Cycle of Johann Sebastian Bach (Madrid), Festival Camino de Santiago, Early Music Festival in Malaga, Spanish Music Festival in Cadiz, Early Music Festival of Úbeda and Baeza, Cultural Almeria 2006, Teatro Villamarta ... Their concerts are usually transmitted by the most prestigious media such as Radio Clásica, of RNE.

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Le Lacrime

Angeles y Diablos

Las idas y las vueltas / Away and back >>

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Fahmi Alqhai and friends

A Piacere
Glossa 2013


Accademia del Piacere                                   Rediscovering Spain
Glossa 2013

Alqhai & Alqhai 2012

record release: 20. Mai 2012

Amor di Marte
Alqhai & Alqhai 2011

Les Violes du Ciel et de l'Enfer

Alqhai & Alqhai 2010

Le Lacrime di Eros
Alqhai & Alqhai 2009

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Danza Alta. Música del Renacimiento Español. März 2009

La Tourbillon, Arcangelo Corelli. Aracena. Juli 2007

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